MITell is a new initiative from the MIT Women's League, offering events where all members of the MIT Community can come together to share true stories from their lives. 

You don't have to tell a story to be part of MITell - you're welcome to join us to listen, and give feedback if the speaker requests it. Being an engaged audience member is just as valuable as sharing a story.

You can talk about... anything you like! We do set a theme in advance, and you should use that as inspiration if you're stuck for ideas, but if you have a story that doesn't fit the theme, you're most welcome to share it. We only ask that the story be true, and that it is yours to tell. Stories can be funny, thoughtful, sad, life-changing, or even small anecdotes.

Storytelling is a chance to reflect on your life, take stock of the events you've lived through, and think about how they have shaped you as a person. Sharing stories helps us build connections with our wider communities, understand better the lives of others, and appreciate and celebrate our differences. The surge in popularity of storytelling projects in recent years speaks to the enduring importance of this ancient art form, and we're thrilled to create a space for MIT's diverse community to meet, converse, and share their stories.

MITell meets once a month in the Emma Rogers Room (10-340), offers workshops in IAP and throughout the academic year.